EG America to Launch Summer of SmartPay Promotion

EG America’s SmartPay Rewards program, after reaching $5 billion in fuel sales since its launch in 2013, gives rewards members the ability to save 10 cents on every gallon of fuel. Since 2013, it has saved members $200 million. The program is available at EG retailers throughout the country, including Cumberland Farms, Certified Oil, Fastrac, Kwik Shop, Loaf N’ Jug, Minit Mart, Quik Stop, Tom Thumb and Turkey Hill. The program is free to join and free to use.

SmartPay has seen rapid growth, as the program reached $4 billion in fuel sales only late last year. Enrollment has increased significantly as the program expanded throughout the EG America portfolio of stores.

In celebration of the $5 billion milestone, EG America will again run its Summer of SmartPay promotion in all locations except Cumberland Farms, in which SmartPay Rewards App users will automatically save an additional 10 cents per gallon, totaling 20 cents in savings on every gallon. The promotion runs from now through September 6.

“When we launched our industry-leading SmartPay Rewards program nine years ago, we could not have imagined the level of success we have achieved,” said George Fournier, president of EG America. “Over $5 billion in fuel sales and $200 million in savings later, we’re immensely proud of the results and the continued value to our guests. As we recognize this milestone, we’re excited to kick off the Summer of SmartPay and deliver even more savings to our guests as they get back on the road this summer.”

Guests who use SmartPay Rewards get exclusive access to additional savings and coupons, a streamlined payment process, and a free Farmhouse Blend coffee or their choice of a fountain or frozen beverage for every 80 gallons of gas purchased at all EG America locations nationwide. To download the SmartPay Rewards app, guests can visit the Apple App store or Google Play and set up an account through the mobile app or website.

Founded in 2001 by the Issa Family, U.K.-based EG Group is a petrol forecourt retail convenience operator which has established partnerships with global brands. EG Group currently employs about 50,000 colleagues working in more than 6,200 sites across the globe.